Noordkaper yachts are robust and comfortable sailing yachts designed by the Dutch designer Martin Bekebrede and built by various shipyards. A few motor yacht versions have also been designed and built. These yachts are known for their solid finish, their excellent sailing characteristics and their safe and practical set-up.

There are different types of Noordkaper yachts, each with their own unique features and benefits. One of the most popular models is the Noordkaper 42, a beautiful sailboat suitable for long sailing trips and comfortable for families. The Noordkaper 43 is also a popular choice for sailors looking for a sailboat with a generous layout and a stylish design.

For those looking for a smaller yacht, the Noordkaper 27 is an excellent option. This yacht is compact and easy to handle, but still offers great comfort and excellent sailing characteristics.

All Noordkaper yachts are designed with an emphasis on safety and durability, making them the perfect choice for sailors of all levels. Thanks to the high-quality finish and attention to detail, these yachts offer years of sailing pleasure and adventure at sea.

In conclusion, Noordkaper yachts are excellent choices for anyone looking for a robust, comfortable and versatile sailing yacht. Whether you are looking for a family yacht or a smaller boat for shorter trips, these yachts offer everything you need to fully enjoy sailing.

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