Nord West

Nord West, a leading Swedish brand in the yacht building industry, declared bankruptcy in 2013. Nord West was known for its high-quality motor yachts that strike the perfect balance between performance, comfort and elegance. With a reputation stretching back decades of craftsmanship, Nord West Yachts had established itself as a reliable choice for discerning yacht owners.

A striking model from Nord West is the "Nord West 390 Flybridge", a luxury yacht that excels in space and refinement. With her contemporary design, extensive living spaces and modern amenities, the Nord West 560 Flybridge offers a luxurious experience on the water.

Another signature model is the “Nord West 420 Flybridge”, a more compact yacht while retaining Nord West's signature style and functionality. This model combines agility with comfort, making it ideal for both long journeys and relaxing getaways.

Nord West Yachts was known for her commitment to quality and customization. The "Nord West 370 Sports Top" model, with her sporty appearance and well-thought-out layout, embodies this dedication and offers owners the opportunity to adjust their yacht into their specific wishes.

With a range of impressive models, Nord West Yachts was a trusted name in the world of motor yachts, with each vessel demonstrating the craftsmanship and innovation that define the brand.

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