Nordhavn Yachts, based in California, is a renowned yard known for their rugged and ocean-worthy motor yachts. Since their foundation in 1974, Nordhavn has built a solid reputation in the world of luxury yacht building.

The yard produces a wide range of yachts designed for long-distance cruising and voyages of discovery. Some of Nordhavn's current models include the N40, N55, N76 and N120. These yachts are equipped with advanced technology, luxurious interiors and offer unparalleled stability and comfort during long voyages.

Nordhavn Yachts has a rich history of building quality yachts. It started as a collaboration between two passionate sailors, Jim Leishman and Dan Streech, who had a vision to build motor yachts that could sail on the world's oceans. Since then, Nordhavn has received numerous awards and recognition for the excellence in design and craftsmanship.

With a strong focus on quality, safety and reliability, Nordhavn Yachts continues to be a precursor in the yachting industry. Their yachts are appreciated worldwide.

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