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North-Line Yachts is a leading Dutch shipbuilder based in Harlingen, founded in 1976 as Jachtbouw Zevenhuizen by Rients van Sluis and Henk van der Land. In the 1970s, the yacht building company started with the yacht paneling of all types of pleasure yachts. The family business has expanded its services considerably over the years and in 2000 the management was taken over by Sipko van Sluis.

In 2007, the yard started building its own line of ships: North-Line Yachts. Due to the success of the North-Line series, it was decided to move in 2012 and the company adopted a new name: North-Line Yachts. The company has built several models of yachts, including the well-known North-Line 37, 42 and 46. Each model is designed with the latest technologies and materials to provide the best performance and comfort to the owner.

One of the most popular North-Line Yachts models is the North-Line 37. This is an elegant and practical yacht with a length of 11.30 meters and a beam of 3.95 metres. The ship has a top speed of 22 knots and is suitable for long journeys on the open sea. The interior of the North-Line 37 has a modern and stylish design and offers all the comfort you would expect from a luxury yacht.

Another model that deserves attention is the North-Line 42. This ship has a length of 12.80 meters and a width of 4.25 meters. It is designed for comfortable and safe travel on the open sea. The ship can accommodate up to six people and has a fully equipped kitchen and luxurious bathrooms. The interior is designed with an elegant and modern look.

Finally, there is the North-Line 46. This is the largest model of North-Line Yachts and has a length of 14.05 meters and a width of 4.52 meters. The ship offers all the luxury and comfort you would expect from a high-quality yacht.

In 2015, the yard took over Consonant Yachts and De Kuster series was taken over and this company took on a new name: Kuster Yachts.

Both brands are built at the yard in Harlingen and both are built with great craftsmanship.

DOEVE Brokers and Valuers is your dedicated yacht broker for boats built by North-Line. For further information about the sale of your North-Line or if you wish to purchase a North-Line, please contact us.

North-Line Yachts

  • North-Line
  • North-Line 800
  • North-Line 34
  • North-Line 37 Express
  • North-Line 37 Wheelhouse
  • North-Line 42 Express
  • North-Line 42 Wheelhouse
  • North-Line 50
  • North-Line 60
  • North-Line Pilot Boat 37
  • North-Line Port Patrol 37
  • North-Line Mooring 42
  • North-Line Patrol 42
  • North-Line Pilot 42
  • North-Line Workboat 42


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