The Northwind shipyard, located in Barcelona, Spain, is known for their impressive yacht designs and craftsmanship. The yard produces a wide range of luxury yachts that meet the high expectations of discerning yacht owners. Some of Northwind Yachts' current yacht models include the Northwind 55, 68 and Northwind 100. These yachts embody a combination of elegance, performance and comfort, with attention to detail and high-quality finish.

The history of Northwind Yachts began with its founder's passion for sailing, and the company quickly grew into a renowned yard in the yachting industry. Over the years, Northwind Yachts has dedicated itself to creating innovative and seaworthy yachts that are both exciting to sail and provide a luxurious retreat for their owners.

With their location in Barcelona, a city renowned for maritime tradition and design, Northwind continues to be a key player in the yachting industry. Their yachts are admired for their quality and aesthetics, and they continue to win the hearts of sailing enthusiasts around the world.

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Northwind Shipping

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  • Northwind 36
  • Northwind 43
  • Northwind 50 DS
  • Northwind 56
  • Northwind NW100
  • Northwind 68
  • Northwind 80
  • Northwind Mbolo 55
  • Northwind NW72
  • Northwind 41
  • Northwind 50
  • Northwind 68 Mediterranean Deck
  • Northwind 47
  • Northwind 58 Ketch
  • Northwind 56 Ketch
  • Northwind 58
  • Northwind 100 ft Med Lounge
  • Northwind SY 45 m cutter
  • Northwind 41 Command Bridge SC