Alubat, which was established in 1973, has pursued a successful niche strategy that focuses on producing lifting keel aluminium boats, an area that had previously been overlooked by other manufacturers. As a result, Alubat has become Europe's top aluminium boat builder and offers a variety of monohull lifting keel and monohull ultra-light displacement fin keel boats.

The company's primary product is the Ovni range of production-built lifting keel aluminium yachts, which range from 30' to 56' in size. Each boat can be customized to meet the owner's specifications, resulting in a unique internal layout and design.

The Cigale and Levrier des Mers ranges, which range in size from 14m to 18m, are deep keel ULDB (ultra-light displacement boats) developed from racing boats. These boats are designed with performance in mind and are built to highly detailed specifications to achieve optimal results.

Thanks to the innate qualities of aluminium and a highly competent workforce skilled in welding, woodwork, and painting, Alubat can accommodate requests to build custom yachts and motorboats up to 20m in length.

By constructing durable, aesthetically pleasing boats, Alubat has met its customers' needs and created demand for its products.

DOEVE Brokers and Valuers is your dedicated yacht broker for sailing yachts built by Alubat. For further information about the sale of your Ovni or Cigale or if you wish to purchase an Ovni or Cigale, please contact us.

Alubat Chantier naval

  • Ovni
  • Ovni ALUBAT 58
  • Ovni CIGALE 14
  • Ovni CIGALE 16
  • Ovni CIGALE 18
  • Ovni 25
  • Ovni 28
  • Ovni 30
  • Ovni 31
  • Ovni 32
  • Ovni 33
  • Ovni 345
  • Ovni 35
  • Ovni 36
  • Ovni 365
  • Ovni 37
  • Ovni 370
  • Ovni 385
  • Ovni 39
  • Ovni 395
  • Ovni 40
  • Ovni 40 Sonati
  • Ovni 400
  • Ovni 41
  • Ovni 41 Evolution
  • Ovni 43
  • Ovni 435
  • Ovni 445
  • Ovni 495
  • Ovni Cat 48