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Pacific Shipyards is a Dutch shipyard located in Waspik, North Brabant. The yard specializes in the construction of luxury motor yachts and has an excellent reputation in the sector. The company was founded in 1984 and has since built countless beautiful motor yachts.

Pacific Shipyards is known for its craftsmanship and attention to detail. The yard employs a team of experienced designers, engineers and shipbuilders who work together to build high quality bespoke motor yachts. Every yacht that leaves the yard is unique and meets the specific requirements and wishes of the customer.

The yard's Pacific motor yachts are renowned for their elegance, comfort and performance. They are built with the latest technologies and materials to ensure maximum performance. Each yacht is designed with attention to every detail, from the hull to the interior. The result is a yacht that is not only beautiful to look at, but also incredibly comfortable and functional.

Pacific Shipyards motor yachts are available in a variety of sizes and models, from 40 to 85 feet. The company also offers the possibility to build a fully customized yacht. Customers can fully personalize their yacht with the help of the yard's team of designers and engineers. This makes it possible to build a yacht that perfectly matches the personal style and preferences of the customer.

Pacific Shipyards has built a global reputation as one of the most prestigious shipyards in the industry. The company has a strong focus on customer satisfaction and provides excellent after-sales service to ensure customers are satisfied with their purchase.

In short, Pacific Shipyards is a leading shipyard known for its high-quality motor yachts. The company has an excellent reputation and offers customers the opportunity to build a fully customized yacht that perfectly suits their personal style and preferences. With its craftsmanship, attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction, Pacific Shipyards continues to be a major player in the luxury yacht industry.

DOEVE Brokers and Valuers is your dedicated yacht broker for boats built by Pacific Shipyards. For more information about selling your Pacific or if you wish to purchase a Pacific, please contact us.

Pacific Shipyards

  • Pacific
  • Pacific Allure windscherm
  • Pacific Allure 150 WS
  • Pacific Allure 160 WS
  • Pacific Allure 170 WS
  • Pacific Allure 180 WS
  • Pacific Allure 190 WS
  • Pacific Allure stuurhuis
  • Pacific Allure 150 SH
  • Pacific Allure 160 SH
  • Pacific Allure 170 SH
  • Pacific Allure 180 SH
  • Pacific Allure 190 SH
  • Pacific Allure 200 SH
  • Pacific Allure 210 SH
  • Pacific Pearl
  • Pacific Pearl 150
  • Pacific Pearl 160
  • Pacific Pearl 170
  • Pacific Pearl 180
  • Pacific Pearl 190
  • Pacific Pearl 200
  • Pacific Pearl Flybridge S205
  • Pacific Pearl Flybridge 205
  • Pacific Pearl 210
  • Pacific Pearl 225
  • Pacific Pacific S 175
  • Pacific Pacific S 185
  • Pacific Pacific S 195
  • Pacific Pacific S 205
  • Pacific Pacific S 215
  • Pacific Pacific S 225
  • Pacific Pacific P 170
  • Pacific Pacific P 180
  • Pacific Pacific P 190
  • Pacific Pacific P 200
  • Pacific Pacific P 210
  • Pacific Pacific P 220
  • Pacific Pacific P 230
  • Pacific Pacific P 240
  • Pacific 155 VS
  • Pacific 19.50
  • Pacific 148 Cabrio
  • Pacific Pearl 21.50
  • Pacific Pearl S200
  • Pacific Prestige 1800 Big Wheelhouse
  • Pacific Prestige 200
  • Pacific Allure 136
  • Pacific Allure 143
  • Pacific Allure 148 Pilothouse
  • Pacific Allure 150
  • Pacific Allure 155
  • Pacific Allure 170
  • Pacific Royal 45
  • Pacific Trawlers 72
  • Pacific 58
  • Pacific


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