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Willem Nieland was a Dutch designer who specialized in designing quality motorboats and sailing yachts. One of his most notable designs is the Pilot motor yachts, which are known for their elegance and efficiency.

The Pilot motor yachts have been designed to be perfect for long voyages and offer an unrivaled combination of speed, stability and comfort. Built to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, they are ideal for adventurers planning to take to the sea.

The design of the Pilot motor yachts stands out for their robustness and reliability. The design combines the classic elements of these boats with modern technologies and materials, resulting in a motor yacht that is not only elegant, but also extremely efficient.

The Pilot motor yachts were available in different sizes and models and are fully customizable to the individual wishes of the owner. They are equipped with the latest navigation systems, electronics and communication equipment, giving the owner ultimate control over the yacht.

The Pilot range has been built at different yards. Beautiful examples have been made at Shipyard De Toekomst in Waspik, at VDL Shipyards from Waalwijk, at Pilot Connection/ Ship Install from Heusden and at Rego Watersport from Lelystad, among others.

With the Pilot motor yachts, Willem Nieland has left behind a legacy that is admired in the Netherlands. His designs are a model of Dutch craftsmanship and will no doubt remain loved by owners of motor yachts around the world for many years to come.

DOEVE Brokers and Valuers is your dedicated yacht broker for boats and yachts designed by Willem Nieland. For further information about the sale of your Pilot or if you wish to purchase a Pilot, please contact us.

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