Pollard Jachtbouw is a well-known yacht builder based in Steenwijk, the Netherlands. The company has a long history of designing and building luxury yachts of the highest quality. Pollard Jachtbouw yachts are loved by owners all over the world for their outstanding craftsmanship, elegance and performance.

The company has an extensive range of yachts, including the Pollard Coastliner 43 OC Second Generation, a modern and innovative motor yacht designed for comfort. In addition, there is the Pollard Baltic Sea Trawler, an impressive yacht designed for long distances and harsher weather conditions. This yacht has a very spacious interior.

Pollard Jachtbouw is proud of its long tradition of craftsmanship and innovation. The company strives to continuously innovate and integrate new technologies into its yachts in order to offer the best performance and the highest level of comfort and luxury to its customers. With a wide range of yachts to choose from and a reputation for excellent quality, it is no wonder that Pollard Jachtbouw is one of the most highly regarded yacht builders in the Netherlands.

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Pollard Jachtbouw

  • Pollard
  • Pollard 1180
  • Pollard Trawler Flybridge
  • Pollard Cabrio OC
  • Pollard Cabrio 43
  • Pollard Coastliner AC
  • Pollard Coastliner 38
  • Pollard Coastliner 40 AC
  • Pollard Coastliner 40 SG
  • Pollard Coastliner 42 Sedan
  • Pollard Coastliner 43 SG
  • Pollard Coastliner 43 OC
  • Pollard Coastliner 43 OC Second Generation
  • Pollard Coastliner 45 Sedan
  • Pollard Coastliner 49 OC Second Generation
  • Pollard Coastliner 49 SG
  • Pollard Silence OC New Style
  • Pollard Silence Cabrio 36
  • Pollard Custom-build
  • Pollard Oostzee Trawler
  • Pollard Pollux OC