The history of Prestige Yachts dates back to 1957, when Henri Jeanneau founded the Jeanneau shipyard in France. It was then that Henri Jeanneau discovered his new passion for sports boats. That year Henri built his first wooden hull. He took part in one of the biggest national races in Paris at the time; a race that lasted 6 hours. He crossed the finish line first, marking the beginning of the Jeanneau brand.

The Jeanneau yard has a rich history, as the "Fiberglass Sport" was one of the first types of boat to use fiberglass technology; a new technology developed by the petrochemical industry in the early 1950s. This type proved to be a huge success and became the forerunner of future models.

It was only in 1989 when the famous Jeanneau brand launched the first Prestige Yacht; the Prestige 41. This luxury yacht was designed by Garroni Design and had a contemporary style and exceptional seaworthiness. At that time the Jeanneau brand was very popular because of their sailing yacht. This was the driving force behind the company. The debut of the Prestige 41 not only initiated the welcome of the Jeanneau brand to the luxury powerboat market, but it also launched the beginning of the Prestige Yachts story. This paved the way for the brand awareness - timeless yachts with stylish designs.

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Prestige Yacht

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