Privateer Yachts from Uitwellingerga is a household name in the Netherlands and abroad in the field of luxury yachts. The yard was founded in 1997 and has built many beautiful yachts over the years. Unfortunately, the yard stopped producing yachts in 2018, but the Privateer Yachts name is still known in the yachting world.

Privateer Yachts was known for the high quality and luxurious finish of the yachts. Unfortunately, in 2018, the production of yachts at Privateer Yachts came to an end. The company was facing financial problems and decided to stop producing new yachts. This was a great disappointment to the many fans of the brand, but the Privateer Yachts name is still known in the yachting world.

Fortunately, there are still many Privateer yachts around and cherished by their owners. They are all beautiful yachts with a unique character and a timeless appearance. Privateer Yachts has made an important contribution to the Dutch yachting industry and will always hold a special place in the hearts of many luxury yacht enthusiasts.

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Privateer Yachts

  • Privateer
  • Privateer 31
  • Privateer 37 AK
  • Privateer 40
  • Privateer 43
  • Privateer 46
  • Privateer Flybridge 49
  • Privateer Kotter AK 40
  • Privateer Pilot 49
  • Privateer Vlet 12.50 AK
  • Privateer Elegance 43
  • Privateer Elegance 46
  • Privateer Elegance 49
  • Privateer Flybridge 49
  • Privateer Flybridge 52
  • Privateer Flybridge 56
  • Privateer Trawler 50
  • Privateer Trawler 52
  • Privateer Trawler 54
  • Privateer Trawler 60
  • Privateer Trawler 65
  • Privateer Trawler 74
  • Privateer Trawler 84