Rapsody Yachts is a renowned yacht builder based in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands. The company has built an excellent reputation in the world of luxury yacht building and specializes in designing and building bespoke motor yachts. Rapsody Yachts has built an impressive collection of elegant and stylish yachts, all reflecting the highest quality and craftsmanship.

One of the most popular models of Rapsody Yachts is the Rapsody R55. This yacht was designed by the renowned architectural firm Vripack and is considered one of the most sophisticated yachts in the world. The Rapsody R55 is 17.15 meters long and has a beautiful and modern look. The yacht can accommodate up to sixteen people and has all the modern facilities one would expect from a luxury yacht.

Another impressive model from Rapsody Yachts is the Rapsody R29. This yacht has a retro look, but is equipped with all modern technology and comfort. The yacht has a length of 10.65 meters and can accommodate up to six people. The Rapsody R29 is very suitable for day trips and short trips, but can also be used for longer trips.

In addition to the Rapsody R55 and the Rapsody R29, the company also offers other models, such as the Rapsody Tender, Rapsody Sport and Rapsody R38. Each model has its own features and benefits, and the company works closely with customers to ensure that the yacht is a perfect fit for the owner's needs and requirements.

Rapsody Yachts is a yacht builder that distinguishes itself through its craftsmanship, precision and eye for detail. Each yacht is built by hand, using high quality materials and technology. The company strives to create a unique yacht that reflects the owner's personality and style.

In short, Rapsody Yachts is a leading yacht builder with a rich history in luxury yacht building. The company offers a wide range of yachts, all characterized by craftsmanship, elegance and quality. Whether for day trips or longer trips, Rapsody Yachts offers the perfect solution for those looking for a bespoke luxury yacht.

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