Regina af Vindö

Regina af Vindö was founded in the heart of the Swedish yachting industry on the northern tip of the island of Urust. A small family business, founded in 1972, build boats with Scandinavian architecture - a raised saloon and central cockpit. They are highly regarded by Regina's connoisseurs for their thoughtful design, exceptional quality, robust construction and good sailing behavior.

At the end of 2017, the company merged with Sweden Yachts, Malö Yachts and CR Yachts to form the Sweden Yachts Group.

After the merger with the Sweden Yachts Group, the company closed its own factory and transferred production with all employees to the Malö shipyard in Kungswicken. Regina was able to keep the established traditions. Like many years ago, most of the production processes are done manually and quality is kept at a high level.

The company offers quite expensive sailboats prepared for severe northern latitudes in the range of 10 to 15 meters. Regina builds touring yachts with central cockpit and sporty touring models.

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Regina af Vindö

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