Rego Watersport, located at the Dokweg in Lelystad, the Netherlands, was a leading company that was specialized in the construction of various types of motor yachts. For decades they were known for their craftsmanship and quality. Their impressive portfolio included various models of motor yachts that were appreciated both nationally and internationally.

Unfortunately, in September 2013, the success story of Rego Watersport came to a sad end. Due to challenging economic conditions and other factors, the company was forced to close its doors and declared bankruptcy.

Although Rego Watersport is no longer in operation, their legacy lives on in the memories of those who got to experience their beautiful vessels.

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Rego Watersport

  • Rego
  • Rego Fury 1010
  • Rego Fury 1110
  • Rego Fury 1210
  • Rego Newlander 1100
  • Rego Pilot 39
  • Rego Pilot 44
  • Rego Standard 35
  • Rego Standard 35 Cabrio
  • Rego Standard 39
  • Rego Barkas 1100
  • Rego 35
  • Rego Pilot 42