Sealine Yachts is a leading shipyard with more than 45 years of experience in building high-quality motor yachts. The company was founded in 1972 by Tom Murrant and was based in Kidderminster, England.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Sealine Yachts grew into one of the largest yacht builders in Europe. Known for its innovative designs and luxurious finishes, the company produced several popular models, including the Sealine F37 and the Sealine S38.

In 2013, Sealine was acquired by the Hanse Group, one of the largest shipbuilders in the world. This acquisition marked a new start for the company, with a renewed focus on innovation, quality and sustainability.

Sealine Yachts has introduced a number of new models under the wings of Hanse, including the C330 and the F530. These vessels are designed for comfort, performance and ease of use and are equipped with the latest technologies in navigation, entertainment and safety.

The C330 is a compact and versatile cruiser, suitable for both long trips and short trips. The ship has a spacious interior with lots of light and can accommodate up to six people. The F530 is a luxury flybridge yacht designed for the discerning sailor looking for comfort, style and performance. This vessel is equipped with a large number of innovative features, including a hydraulic platform, an integrated BBQ and a water maker.

Sealine Yachts remains committed to the highest quality and craftsmanship in yacht building. With its rich history and strong vision for the future, the company is one of the leading players in the motor yacht market. Whether you are looking for a compact cruiser or a luxury flybridge yacht, Sealine Yachts has something for everyone.

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Sealine Yachts

  • Sealine
  • Sealine 285
  • Sealine 310 Statesman
  • Sealine 35 Sport
  • Sealine 365 Sportbridge
  • Sealine 420 Statesman
  • Sealine 450 Statesman
  • Sealine C39
  • Sealine C430
  • Sealine C490
  • Sealine F33 Flybridge
  • Sealine F34
  • Sealine F350
  • Sealine F37
  • Sealine F380
  • Sealine F42
  • Sealine F42/5
  • Sealine F43
  • Sealine F44 Flybridge
  • Sealine F46
  • Sealine F530
  • Sealine S23
  • Sealine S24
  • Sealine S28
  • Sealine S34
  • Sealine S37
  • Sealine S38
  • Sealine S41
  • Sealine S42
  • Sealine S48
  • Sealine S450
  • Sealine SC29
  • Sealine SC35
  • Sealine SC38
  • Sealine SC42
  • Sealine SC47
  • Sealine T47
  • Sealine T50
  • Sealine T51 Motor Yacht
  • Sealine T52
  • Sealine T60
  • Sealine C335
  • Sealine C335v
  • Sealine C390
  • Sealine C390v
  • Sealine C430
  • Sealine C530
  • Sealine S335
  • Sealine S335v
  • Sealine S390
  • Sealine S430
  • Sealine F430
  • Sealine F530
  • Sealine 365 Sportbridge
  • Sealine Flamingo 37