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The history of today's Sirena Marine began in 2006, when the Kıraça Group, a renowned Turkish conglomerate, decided to apply its shipbuilding expertise to the world of luxury yachts. Before that, the Sirena Yachts brand was of a shipyard of fast and reliable sailing yachts based in Skuru in Finland.

Sirena Marine is now known for its dedication to innovation and the use of advanced technologies in the construction of their ships. The company has a team of highly qualified designers and engineers who are passionate about creating world-class yachts. Each boat is a masterpiece on itself, with attention to every detail, from the exterior design to the luxurious interior.

The Sirena Marine product portfolio includes a range of models, including the Sirena 58, 64 and 88. Each model embodies the company's philosophy and offers a perfect combination of luxury and performance. From spacious sundecks to beautiful interiors with high-quality finishes, Sirena Yachts ships offer an unparalleled onboard experience. The Euphoria 54, Euphoria 68 and the Euphoria 84 sailing yachts are also built, but also Azuree 33c, Azuree 41 and Azuree 46 are sailing yachts that they build.

With their constant pursuit of excellence, Sirena Yachts has gained international recognition and won numerous prestigious awards in the yachting industry. The company continues to innovate and push its boundaries to meet the demands of the most demanding yacht owners around the world.

In short, Sirena Yachts Shipyard has a rich history of craftsmanship and innovation in the construction of luxury yachts. Their vessels epitomize elegance, performance and environmental awareness, and have made them a prominent name in the yachting industry. With their dedication to quality and constant pursuit of perfection, they continue to set new standards in the world of luxury yacht building.

DOEVE Yacht Brokers is your dedicated yacht broker for boats built by Sirena. For further information about selling your Sirena or if you wish to purchase a Sirena, please contact us.

Sirena Marine

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