Southerly Yachts is a well-known and beloved brand of sailboats that offers its owners versatility and freedom to sail in nearly any body of water. The brand gained international recognition as a market leader for variable draft cruising yachts in the mid-1970s.

The Southerly unique swing keel was first introduced in 1978, and it was a groundbreaking concept. Today, there are over 900 Southerly yacht owners worldwide who benefit from the swing keel's flexibility. With her deep draft, the boat enjoys powerful sailing performance and precise directional stability. The shallow draft option is also available for exploring many inaccessible coastlines and inland waterways.

The Variable Draft Keel provides a deep draft, which results in greater stability due to the increased righting moment. This makes the boat stiffer and allows it to carry its sail better, making it more efficient at carving its way efficiently to windward in any seaway. The Variable Draft Keel's aerofoil shape is highly efficient and allows the boat to point high (30°) with minimal leeway.

The keel can be raised at the touch of a button to sail in shallow waters, extending the cruising grounds considerably. Raising the Variable Draft Keel grants access to many locations, both for pleasure and for safety.

From 1975 to 2014, the Southerly yachts were developed and built at the Northshore Shipyard in Itchenor, West Sussex, in the charming setting of Chichester Harbour. By 2014, the Southerly range included yachts from 32ft to 57ft. Unfortunately, production ceased, which left many owners dismayed.

However, in 2017, the Discovery Group acquired the rights and tooling to re-start production, focusing on the mid-range models of Southerly 48 and Southerly 54, which proved to be successful. A new chapter in the history of Southerly Yachts has begun as the Discovery stable launches a new updated aft cockpit raised saloon in the Southerly 42, while the design office is developing the new 36ft model and an updated Southerly 32.

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Northshore Yachts

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