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Staverse Kotter

The Staverse Kotter is a legendary motorboat that originated at the De Volharding shipyard in Stavoren, Friesland. The design of the Staverse Kotter is based on traditional fishing boats from the Stavoren region, but over the years De Volharding has further developed the design into a comfortable and seaworthy motorboat.

The yard built several models of the Staverse Kotter. Each model had its own characteristics and dimensions, but the typical characteristics of the Staverse Kotter were always present, such as a sturdy and robust appearance, a lot of interior space and seaworthiness. Great attention to detail and craftsmanship went into the construction of each boat.

Over the years, 124 Staverse Kotters were built at the yard of De Volharding. A large part of these boats are still in good condition and are used for recreation on the water. Many owners of these boats still have strong ties to the yard and take pride in the craftsmanship and quality of their Staverse Kotter.

The Staverse Kotter is an icon of Dutch yacht building history. The history of De Volharding and the Staverse Kotter will therefore always live on in the hearts of those who cherish and admire these boats. The yard still builds new yachts under the name “Sturiër Yacht”. These are beautifully designed and built ships.

Doeve Brokers is the yacht broker for boats built by shipyard De Volharding. For further information about the sale of your Staverse Kotter or if you wish to purchase a Staverse Kotter, please contact us.

De Volharding

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