Steeler Yachts is a Dutch shipyard known for their high-quality and custom-built steel motor yachts. The yard was founded in 2002 by Hans Webbink and since then they have built an impressive list of models that are loved by yacht owners all over the world.

The yard is located in Steenwijk, the Netherlands and is fully equipped with modern facilities to ensure that every yacht they build is of the highest quality. Steeler Yachts is known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, which is evident in their diverse range of models.

It all started with the NG43 model, an innovative yacht that combined the best of both worlds: the stability of a steel hull and the comfort and luxury of a modern motor yacht. This model was soon followed by successful models such as the Panorama Flatfloor and the S-line.

Steeler Yachts has since expanded their portfolio with several models in different lengths, including the NG50, NG57, and the NG65. Each model is tailor-made and offers a unique onboard experience. The yachts are available in different configurations, so that the customer can customize the interior, exterior and performance of the yacht according to his or her wishes.

All in all, Steeler Yachts is a yard known for their craftsmanship, attention to detail and custom built yachts. With an impressive list of models and the recent additions of the Explorer and Bronson, Steeler Yachts continues to innovate and remain a major player in the luxury yacht building industry.

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Steeler Yachts

  • Steeler
  • Steeler NG40
  • Steeler NG 41 S
  • Steeler NG50
  • Steeler NG52
  • Steeler NG65
  • Steeler NG 65 S
  • Steeler Panorama 46
  • Steeler Panorama FF53
  • Steeler Survey 55
  • Steeler Wantij 10,85
  • Steeler Long Range Yachts
  • Steeler 50 S Long Range Steel
  • Steeler 57 S Long Range Steel
  • Steeler 59 S Long Range Steel
  • Steeler 65 S Long Range Steel
  • Steeler Performance Yachts
  • Steeler S-Line Performance
  • Steeler 52 S Performance Aluminium
  • Steeler 56 S Performance Aluminium
  • Steeler 60 S Performance Centre Sleeper Aluminium
  • Steeler Ocean Going Yachts Ocean Explorer 22m Steel
  • Steeler Full Custom Motoryachts
  • Steeler Attétude 61 “Havgap” Aluminium
  • Steeler 61 S Performance “Kwintebank” Aluminium
  • Steeler 57 S Performance “Unique” Aluminium
  • Steeler 65 S Performance Trawler Aluminium
  • Steeler Tender To Megayacht Aluminium
  • Steeler 67 S Flybridge Aluminium
  • Steeler Fd55 S “Flyday” Aluminium
  • Steeler 56 S Flybridge Performance Aluminium
  • Steeler 61 S Flybridge Performance Aluminium