Scheepswerf De Volharding is located in the picturesque town of Stavoren, located on the IJsselmeer in the province of Friesland, the Netherlands. The shipyard was founded in 1795 and has since built up a rich history in the construction of various ships, including the famous Sturiër yachts.

The Sturiër yachts are the pride of shipyard De Volharding. These yachts are known for their excellent quality and craftsmanship. They are luxurious motor yachts that are finished down to the smallest details. The Sturiër yachts are designed to offer comfort and elegance and are suitable for long sea voyages.

The history of the Sturiër yachts goes back to the late 1960s. Then the yard designed the first Staverse Kotter. The name Sturiër first saw the light in 1995. The first model, the Sturiër 400 OC, was a great success and laid the foundation for the further development of the Sturiër line.

Since then, shipyard De Volharding has built dozens of Sturiër yachts, ranging from 40 to 70 feet. Each yacht is built by hand and adapted to the wishes of the owner. This makes every Sturiër yacht unique and personal.

In addition to building Sturiër yachts, shipyard De Volharding has also built various other vessels, including fishing boats and lifeboats. The craftsmanship and passion for shipbuilding have remained unchanged over the years. Today, the yard belongs to the top of the Dutch shipbuilding industry. The company has built a strong reputation for craftsmanship, quality and customer satisfaction.

At a time when mass production and cheaper shipbuilding techniques seem to have the upper hand, shipyard De Volharding sticks to traditional craftsmanship. This results in unique and beautiful Sturier yachts that are admired worldwide.

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Scheepswerf De Volharding

  • Sturiër
  • Sturiër Kotter 400 OC
  • Sturiër Kotter 460 OC
  • Sturiër Kotter 480 AC
  • Sturiër Kotter 520 OC
  • Sturiër Kotter 520 AC
  • Sturiër Dutchman DM 52
  • Sturiër Dutchman DM 56
  • Sturiër Dutchman DME 6
  • Sturiër Dutchman DME 7
  • Sturiër Dutchman DME 8
  • Sturiër Ocean Cruiser 520 OC
  • Sturiër Ocean Cruiser 565 OC
  • Sturiër Ocean Cruiser 620 OC
  • Sturiër Centre Sleeper 555 CS Mark II
  • Sturiër Centre Sleeper 675 CS Mark II