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Botnia Marin, based in Malax, Finland, is a renowned shipbuilder known for their high-quality Targa motor yachts and commercial vessels. With years of experience and craftsmanship, they have developed a wide range of models.

One of Botnia Marin's popular models is the Targa series, which appeals to both recreational and professional customers. This series includes the Targa 25.1, Targa 27.1, Targa 30.1 and Targa 35.1. Each model offers excellent performance, reliability and comfort, making them ideal for both short trips and longer sea trips.

In addition to the Targa motor yachts, Botnia Marin has also built impressive ships for commercial shipping. These vessels are specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of professionals in various industries, such as rescue services, coast guard and offshore activities.

With their commitment to quality and innovation, Botnia Marin continues to be a key player in the shipbuilding industry, providing both recreational and professional customers with excellent vessels that meet the highest standards.

DOEVE Brokers and Valuers is your dedicated yacht broker for boats built by BOTNIA MARIN. For further information about the sale of your Targa Motor Yacht or if you wish to purchase a Targa Motor Yacht, please contact us.


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