Botenbouw Tukker was a renowned company based in NL-Gorinchem, which specialized in the construction of sturdy motor yachts that are often used for residential purposes or for long journeys, and ships that are used as passenger ships but also as tugs. With decades of experience in the maritime industry, Tukker was known for her craftsmanship and quality. The company had built a solid reputation over the years and enjoyed a loyal customer base.

Tukker prided herself on her ability to design and build bespoke boats that fully met customer needs and requirements. With attention to detail and use of high quality materials, they created unique crafts that were both elegant and functional.

However, despite their success in the boat building industry, Tukker faced financial difficulties and the company went bankrupt in 2015. Despite the bankruptcy, the motor yachts and vessels built by Botenbouw Tukker continue to be admired for their craftsmanship and quality. They are a lasting tribute to the company's heritage.

DOEVE Brokers regularly mediate in the sale of used Tukker motor yachts and motor vessels. For further information about the sale of your Tukker or if you wish to purchase a Tukker, please contact us.

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