VQ Yachts Holland is a leading manufacturer of luxury motor yachts based in the Netherlands. The company was founded in 2012 and has since grown into an established name in the yacht building industry.

The yachts of VQ Yachts Holland are characterized by their unique and striking design. Each yacht is tailor-made and adapted to the wishes of the customer, making each ship unique. The yachts are available in different sizes and models, ranging from 16 to 25 meters in length.

One of the most popular models of VQ Yachts Holland is the VQ58. This luxury motor yacht has a striking and innovative design, with a glass roof that can be opened to enjoy the sun. The interior of the VQ58 is very spacious and comfortable, with up to 18 seats. The yacht is equipped with the latest technologies and offers an unparalleled experience on the water.

Another popular model from VQ Yachts Holland is the VQ48. This yacht has a sporty design and offers speed and maneuverability on the water. The interior of the VQ48 is modern and stylish, with plenty of natural light and space. The yacht has a maximum speed of 45 knots and offers an impressive experience on the water.

In addition to the VQ58 and VQ48, VQ Yachts Holland also offers various other models, including the VQ54 and VQ64. Each model is designed with attention to detail and craftsmanship, offering unparalleled luxury and comfort on the water.

VQ Yachts Holland is a company that focuses on creating unique and striking yachts that meet the highest quality standards. The company has a passion for innovation and design and works closely with customers to build yachts that perfectly match their lifestyle and wishes. If you are looking for a luxurious and tailor-made motor yacht, VQ Yachts Holland is the perfect choice.

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VQ Yachts Holland

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