The Veha cruiser is a well-known type of motor boat built by Shipyard Veha Motorjachten of Mr Henk Venema in NL-Hoogezand. The yard was founded in 1968 and mainly built motor yachts, including the Veha cruiser.

The Veha cruiser was a popular boat in the 1970s and 1980s. It was a comfortable boat with plenty of interior space and good sailing characteristics. The yard built several models of the Veha cruiser, including the Veha 950, Veha 1250, Veha 39 AK, Veha 40 AK and the Euroclassic series. The boats were available in different versions, from basic to luxury.

Unfortunately, things went wrong for the yard. Due to a decline in demand for motor yachts, the yard ran into financial problems. In 2010, the yard was declared bankrupt and construction of the Veha cruiser came to an end.

Despite the yard's bankruptcy, there are still many enthusiasts of the Veha cruiser. Many of the boats built are still in good condition and are used for recreation on the water. In addition, there are still people looking for a Veha cruiser.

Veha Motor yachts has played an important role in the development of Dutch yacht building. The Veha cruiser is still a recognisable and popular type of motorboat, which still gives many people pleasure on the water.

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Veha Motorjachten

  • Veha
  • Veha 950 AK
  • Veha 9.50 AK
  • Veha 1200 AK
  • Veha 12.00 AK
  • Veha 1250 AK
  • Veha 12.50 AK
  • Veha 1300
  • Veha 13.00
  • Veha 1300 Fly
  • Veha 13.00 Fly
  • Veha 35
  • Veha 37
  • Veha 39
  • Veha 39 AK
  • Veha 40 AK
  • Veha Euroclassic 35 AK
  • Veha Euroclassic 35 OK
  • Veha Euroclassic 37
  • Veha Euroclassic 42
  • Veha Euroclassic 46
  • Veha Euroclassic 50
  • Veha Euroline 98
  • Veha Euroline 118
  • Veha Shandoa 46 Fly