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Waarschip sailing yachts and motorboats are known for their special construction method using wood-epoxy. This unique construction method combines the traditional beauty and durability of wood with the strong properties of epoxy. The result is a sailing yacht that is both stylish and robust, suitable for adventurous sailors looking for excellent performance on the water.

When building a Waarschip sailing yacht and motorboat, first a wooden skeleton is created. This skeleton consists of laminated wooden frames and longitudinal beams that provide the strength and shape of the ship. Then the wooden frame is covered with epoxy resin, which acts as a protective layer and even strengthens the construction.

The combination of wood and epoxy offers several advantages. The wood provides a natural look and warmth on board, while the epoxy resin provides high strength and rigidity, making the ship resistant to the forces of the sea. In addition, the wood-epoxy construction is lighter and more durable than traditional methods, allowing the sailing yacht and motorboat to sail faster and more efficiently.

Waarschip sailing yachts are known for their excellent sailing characteristics and are often used for competitions and long-distance trips. They offer a comfortable and safe sailing experience, while at the same time pleasing the eye with their elegant lines and timeless designs.

With the wood-epoxy construction, Waarschip has built a reputation as a leading producer of high-quality sailing yachts. Whether you are a passionate sailor or simply enjoy sailing in style, a Waarschip sailing yacht offers an unique combination of artisanal craftsmanship, innovative technology and unparalleled beauty on the water.

DOEVE Brokers and Valuers is your dedicated yacht broker for yachts built by Waarschip. For further information about the sale of your Waarschip or if you wish to purchase a Waarschip, please contact us.


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