Wauquiez Boats is a French boatyard founded in 1965 by Henri Wauquiez. The yard started out building small boats, but soon the focus shifted to the construction of sailing yachts. The yard mainly built sailing yachts between 10 and 15 meters and grew into an important player in the sailing world. Motor yachts were also built in the 1980s and 1990s, but this was not a great success and the yard has since focused on sailing yachts.

Wauquiez Boats is known for its high-quality sailing yachts that are suitable for both comfortable cruising and sporty sailing. The yachts are built in a modern yard in Neuville-en-Ferrain, France. The yard is equipped with advanced equipment to guarantee and improve the quality of the yachts. For example, a vacuum injection process is used to reduce the weight of the hull and increase rigidity.

One of the most popular models of Wauquiez Boats is the Pilot Saloon 42. This yacht has a special design in which the cockpit and the saloon are placed at the same height, allowing a lot of light to enter. The salon is very spacious and offers a beautiful view of the water. The interior is very stylish and luxuriously finished. The Pilot Saloon 42 is a comfortable and safe sailing yacht that is suitable for long journeys.

Another model that deserves special attention is the Centurion 61. This is a very fast sailing yacht with a sporty design. The yacht has a large sail area and is equipped with a keel that can be adjusted hydraulically. This allows the yacht to adapt to different weather conditions and to increase sailing pleasure.

Wauquiez Boats is a boatyard with a rich history and a strong reputation. The yard is able to build high-quality sailing yachts that are suitable for comfortable cruising and sporty sailing. The yachts of Wauquiez Boats are designed to last and are therefore very popular with sailors who are looking for a high-quality sailing yacht.

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Wauquiez Yachts

Yacht and Ships for sale, sold or not for sale anymore
  • Wauquiez
  • Wauquiez Amphitrite 43
  • Wauquiez Amphitrite 45 MS
  • Wauquiez Amphora
  • Wauquiez Antigua
  • Wauquiez Centurion 32
  • Wauquiez Centurion 36
  • Wauquiez Centurion 38
  • Wauquiez Centurion 40
  • Wauquiez Centurion 40S
  • Wauquiez Centurion 41S
  • Wauquiez Centurion 42
  • Wauquiez Centurion 45
  • Wauquiez Centurion 45S
  • Wauquiez Centurion 47
  • Wauquiez Centurion 48S
  • Wauquiez Centurion 49
  • Wauquiez Centurion 57
  • Wauquiez Centurion 59
  • Wauquiez Chance 32
  • Wauquiez Chance 37
  • Wauquiez Elizabethan 29
  • Wauquiez Elizabethan 35
  • Wauquiez Feeling 1350
  • Wauquiez Gladiateur 33
  • Wauquiez Hood 38
  • Wauquiez Kronos 45
  • Wauquiez Opium 39
  • Wauquiez Optio
  • Wauquiez PJ-43CR
  • Wauquiez Pretorien 35
  • Wauquiez Victorian 27
  • Wauquiez 33
  • Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 40
  • Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 41
  • Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 42
  • Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 43
  • Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 47
  • Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 48
  • Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 48e
  • Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 48th
  • Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 48-2
  • Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 58