Willem Nieland

Willem Nieland Yachtdesign is a renowned name in the world of yacht design. The name Willem Nieland is known for its excellent and well thought-out designs of motor yachts, sailing yachts and sailing houseboats. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the needs of the modern yacht owner, Willem Nieland never fails to surprise with his innovative approach.

One of the features that makes Willem Nieland's designs so popular is the extremely efficient use of the available space on board. Whether compact motor yachts, luxurious sailing yachts or functional houseboats, Nieland manages to exploit every nook and cranny to provide the most comfortable and practical experience on board. His designs are imbued with smart solutions and handy storage options, so that every centimeter is used optimally.

Moreover, Willem Nieland's yachts are known for their great sailing characteristics. Each design has been carefully optimized to ensure smooth and stable cruising whatever the weather. With his in-depth knowledge of hydrodynamics and years of experience, Nieland knows how to find the perfect balance between performance and comfort. His yachts are manoeuvrable, responsive and offer an enjoyable and safe cruising experience.

Willem Nieland Yachtdesign is a pioneer in the yacht design competition and has won numerous awards for its unparalleled creativity and craftsmanship. With a passion for creating unique and functional yachts, Nieland continues to set standards and exceed the expectations of the yachting industry. His designs are timeless and aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time meeting the needs and desires of the modern yacht owner.

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Willem Nieland Yachtdesign

  • Willem Nieland
  • Willem Nieland Healey 30
  • Willem Nieland ALLRounder 42
  • Willem Nieland Andante 400 FLY
  • Willem Nieland Andante 400AC DJ
  • Willem Nieland Andante 380 OC
  • Willem Nieland Korvet 18 LR
  • Willem Nieland Korvet 16 CLR
  • Willem Nieland Korvet 18 LowRider
  • Willem Nieland Korvet 8
  • Willem Nieland Spiegel Kotter
  • Willem Nieland Peddler
  • Willem Nieland Andante 400AC PH
  • Willem Nieland Andante 500OC
  • Willem Nieland Andante 438AC
  • Willem Nieland Korvet 14CLR
  • Willem Nieland Globemaster 34
  • Willem Nieland Globemaster 39
  • Willem Nieland Globemaster 45
  • Willem Nieland Globemaster 45 Sail
  • Willem Nieland Globemaster 50
  • Willem Nieland Globemaster 53
  • Willem Nieland Globemaster 57
  • Willem Nieland Globemaster 63
  • Willem Nieland Globemaster 66