Winner Yachts was a Dutch yard known for its high-quality sailing yachts. The company was founded in 1985 by Cees van Tongeren and focused mainly on the production of fast cruising yachts. Over the years, Winner Sailing Yachts has produced several models that are loved by sailors all over the world.

One of the first models that Winner Yachts built was the Winner 9.50. This was a fast and maneuverable cruising yacht that quickly became popular with sailors. After the Winner 9.50, other models soon followed, such as the Winner 11.20 and the Winner 12.20. These models were somewhat larger and more luxurious than the Winner 9.50 and were mainly used for longer trips.

In 2016 Winner Yachts was declared bankrupt, but the molds of the fast touring yachts came into the hands of the German dealer Nordic. Nordic has used these molds to develop new models, such as the Winner 9 Speedlight. This is a modern touring yacht built according to the latest techniques and materials.

The Winner 9 Speedlight is a perfect example of the quality and craftsmanship of Winner Sailing Yachts. This yacht has a striking design and is equipped with all kinds of modern gadgets. The yacht is equipped with a carbon mast and has a sophisticated sail plan that ensures optimum performance. The interior of the Winner 9.00 is also very luxurious and offers all the comfort you would expect from a modern touring yacht.

All in all, Winner Yachts is a shipyard with a rich history and an excellent reputation. Despite the bankruptcy in 2016, the brand lives on thanks to Nordic, which develops new models and maintains the legacy of Winner Yachts. If you are looking for a high-quality sailing yacht that is built with the latest techniques and materials, then a Winner sailing yacht is definitely worth considering.

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