X-Yachts Denmark is a company that has been known for more than 40 years for her high-quality sailing yachts. The company focuses on the development and production of performance-oriented yachts for both recreational and professional sailors. X-Yachts is known for the combination of innovative technology, elegant design and excellent performance.

X-Yachts yachts are designed and built with an emphasis on durability, comfort and performance. The design team focuses on improving performance and comfort on board, without compromising on quality and reliability. This results in a line of high-quality yachts that are specially designed for an optimal sailing experience.

Currently X-Yachts offers a wide range of yachts including the Xp series, Xc series and Xs series. The Xp series consists of high performance yachts for the most demanding sailors. The Xc series is designed for sailors looking for comfort and performance, while the Xs series yachts are aimed at the recreational sailor looking for a beautiful and comfortable yacht.

In collaboration with well-known designers and sailors, X-Yachts continues to focus on developing yachts that meet the highest standards. The company is known for her unique approach and continues to focus on improving the performance and comfort on board her yachts. X-Yachts continues to focus on the development of innovative products and supports her customers with the best service and support.

DOEVE Brokers and Valuers is your dedicated yacht broker for boats built by X-Yachts. For further information about the sale of your X-Yacht or if you wish to purchase an X-Yacht, please contact us.

X-Yachts Denmark

  • X-Yachts
  • X-Yachts IMX 38
  • X-Yachts IMX 70
  • X-Yachts X 442 MK II
  • X-Yachts X-102
  • X-Yachts X-119
  • X-Yachts X-302
  • X-Yachts X-312
  • X-Yachts X-332
  • X-Yachts Xp 33
  • X-Yachts X-34
  • X-Yachts X-342
  • X-Yachts X-35
  • X-Yachts Xc 35
  • X-Yachts X-362
  • X-Yachts X-362 Sport
  • X-Yachts X-37
  • X-Yachts X-372
  • X-Yachts X-382
  • X-Yachts Xc 38
  • X-Yachts Xp 38
  • X-Yachts IMX 38
  • X-Yachts X-40
  • X-Yachts IMX 40
  • X-Yachts 40 ft One Ton
  • X-Yachts X-402
  • X-Yachts X-41
  • X-Yachts X-412
  • X-Yachts X-412 MK III
  • X-Yachts Xc 42
  • X-Yachts X-43
  • X-Yachts X-442
  • X-Yachts X-442 MK II
  • X-Yachts IMX 45
  • X-Yachts X-452
  • X-Yachts X-46
  • X-Yachts X-482
  • X-Yachts X-50
  • X-Yachts X-512
  • X-Yachts X-55
  • X-Yachts Xp 55
  • X-Yachts X-562
  • X-Yachts X-612
  • X-Yachts X-65
  • X-Yachts X65
  • X-Yachts IMX 70
  • X-Yachts X-73
  • X-Yachts X-99
  • X-Yachts X-79
  • X-Yachts X-95
  • X-Yachts X-402
  • X-Yachts X-3/4 Ton Mk 1
  • X-Yachts X-3/4 Ton Mk 2
  • X-Yachts X-One Ton Mk 1
  • X-Yachts X-One Ton Mk 2
  • X-Yachts X-99
  • X-Yachts Xc 42
  • X-Yachts Xc 50
  • X-Yachts Xp 44
  • X-Yachts Xp-38
  • X-Yachts XCruising Range
  • X-Yachts One Design Classes
  • X-Yachts XPerformance Range
  • X-Yachts X-Power 33C
  • X-Yachts XRange
  • X-Yachts X56
  • X-Yachts X49
  • X-Yachts X46
  • X-Yachts X43
  • X-Yachts X40
  • X-Yachts Xc50
  • X-Yachts Xc 47Xc
  • X-Yachts Xc 45Xc
  • X-Yachts Xp 50Xp
  • X-Yachts Xp 44Xp