Pasterkamp Jacht & Scheepsbouw Zuiderzee Yachting is a renowned shipyard located in Emmeloord, the Netherlands. The yard was founded by Willem Pasterkamp, who has a passion for building boats and yachts. Pasterkamp has more than 30 years of experience in yacht building and has already built many successful yachts. The yard is known for its high-quality yachts and excellent service.

The history of the yard began in 1990 when Willem Pasterkamp built his first yacht. Since then, the yard has developed into a highly valued yacht builder. Pasterkamp has now built a wide range of motor yachts.

The current range of Pasterkamp Jacht & Scheepsbouw Zuiderzee Yachting includes several yachts, including the popular "Zuiderzee Dogger" series. This is an elegant and luxurious motor yacht with a length of 11.80 meters to 15.50 metres. It is designed for comfortable sailing and offers a lot of space on board. The interior is stylish and modern, offering all the amenities one needs for extended sea voyages.

Another model currently available is the "Zuiderzee Passaat" series. This is a stylish and classic yacht designed for comfort and luxury. It has a length from 13.20 meters to 18.50 meters and offers plenty of space for board for relaxation and entertainment.The interior is elegant and offers many luxurious amenities, such as a large bedroom, a kitchen and a lounge.

The yard is proud that all yachts are built to the highest standards of quality and safety. They are equipped with the latest technologies and materials to ensure the best performance at sea. Pasterkamp Jacht & Scheepsbouw Zuiderzee Yachting also provides excellent service and support to owners of their yachts, to ensure they are completely satisfied with their purchase.

DOEVE Brokers and Valuers is your dedicated yacht broker for boats built by Pasterkamp Jacht & Scheepsbouw Zuiderzee Yachting. For further information about the sale of your Zuiderzee or if you wish to purchase a Zuiderzee, please contact us.

Pasterkamp Jacht & Scheepsbouw Zuiderzee Yachting

  • Zuiderzee
  • Zuiderzee Alpa 35 OK
  • Zuiderzee Alpa 35 AK
  • Zuiderzee Dogger 38 OK
  • Zuiderzee Dogger 38 OK FB
  • Zuiderzee Dogger 38 OK FB
  • Zuiderzee Dogger 40 OK FB
  • Zuiderzee Dogger 42 AK
  • Zuiderzee Dogger 42 OK Patrol
  • Zuiderzee Dogger 47 OK FB
  • Zuiderzee Dogger 47 AK
  • Zuiderzee Dogger 47 VS
  • Zuiderzee Dogger 47 OK Patrol
  • Zuiderzee Dogger 50 OK Patrol
  • Zuiderzee Dogger 52 OK Patrol
  • Zuiderzee Passaat 45 AK
  • Zuiderzee Passaat 50 OK
  • Zuiderzee Passaat 50 AK
  • Zuiderzee Passaat 50 Fisherman
  • Zuiderzee Passaat 54 AK
  • Zuiderzee Passaat 60 ST
  • Zuiderzee Riverline 1400
  • Zuiderzee Riverline 1500
  • Zuiderzee Omega 31
  • Zuiderzee Omega 36
  • Zuiderzee Trawler