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Motor sailers for sale

Buying, selling, valuating or registering motor sailers

Are you looking for a motor sailer for sale or do you want to sell a motor sailer? Benefit from the extensive experience and the international network of Doeve Brokers and Valuers Yachts and Ships. We have been assisting satisfied customers with buying, selling, valuing and registering motor sailers since 1972. View our collection of motor sailers and read what we can do for you.

View the current Motor sailers for sale

In our current range you can search for recently offered motor sailers, price, length and year of manufacture. Are you interested in one of our motor sailers for sale or do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us without any obligation.

Purchasing a motor sailer

At Doeve Brokers and Valuers Yachts and Ships you will find a wide collection of motor yachts, sailing yachts, sailing boats, motor sailors, 50/50 sailors and blue water yachts. The purchase of a yacht or boat is a complex process that involves various issues and emotions. Doeve Brokers and Valuers Yachts and Ships is a certified Yacht Broker who can guide you through negotiations, contracts and valuations when you are purchasing a motor sailer.

Brands of motor sailers that we regularly offer for sale include LM, Fisher, Nauticat, Staverse kotter, Colin Archer, North Star, Banjer, Meridian, Beneteau, Jeanneau, Wauquiez, Urker, Sirius, Koopmans, Sparkman & Stephens, De Vries Lentsch, Colvic Watson, Degero, Dartsailer, Halberg Rassy, Danish Rose, Finnsailer, Oostvaarder, Noordkaper, Zwalker, Finsailer, Island Packet, Glacer, Gulfstar, Fjord, Camper & Nicholsons, Southerly, Rogger, Jongert, Elvstrom, Najad, Atlantis, Belliure, Catalina, Contest, Dufour, Moody, Northhavn, Hanse, Hunter en Westerly.

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Selling a motor sailer

Do you have a motor sailer for sale? Doeve Brokers and Valuers Yachts and Ships has an extensive international network where we can offer your yacht to potential buyers. We sell more than 50% of ships internationally and this percentage is increasing every year.

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Valuating a motor sailer

Doeve Brokers and Valuers Yachts and Ships performs valuations for private individuals, businesses, insurance companies and government agencies. We have decades of experience and expertise for valuing motor sailers. We have EMCI certified yacht and ship valuers / appraisers, and a registered valuer / appraiser VRT pleasure craft, (sailing) charter vessels and ex professional vessels.

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Registration of a motor sailer

Doeve Brokers and Valuers Yachts and Ships is also an experienced partner for registering yachts in the Dutch B-Ships Register. We are also happy to assist you with transferring ownership, even if the ship is sold abroad. Sander Doeve is in addition an official B-Register Broker who is entitled to operate in the B-Ships Register.

More information about registering a motor sailer

Are you interested in our services or would you like more information? Feel free to contact us without obligation.

With Doeve Brokers and Valuers you have made the right choice, clarity is our motto!


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