Shipyard & Machine Factory Akerboom B.V., based in Leiden, is a well-known name in the Dutch shipbuilding and machine building industry. The yard has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. Akerboom was founded in 1917 by Mr. Cornelis Akerboom and has since then built up an impressive reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality ships and machines.

Over the years, Akerboom has built numerous ships, ranging from luxury yachts to commercial vessels. Their craftsmanship and innovative approach to shipbuilding have helped them become a respected name in the yacht industry.

Presently, Akerboom is part of De Vries, a leading shipbuilder based in Aalsmeer. This collaboration has led to new possibilities and expansion of their expertise. Akerboom now benefits from the shared knowledge and resources of De Vries, which strengthens their position in the market.

With the merger of Akerboom and De Vries, the yard from Leiden remains an important player in the shipbuilding sector. They continue to focus on providing high quality vessels and machines that meet the high standards of quality and innovation they are known for.

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Scheepswerf & Machinefabriek Akerboom B.V.

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  • Akerboom
  • Akerboom M.Y.
  • Akerboom Spitsgatskotter
  • Akerboom Vlet
  • Akerboom Varend Woonschip 22.00
  • Akerboom Sleepvlet / duwvlet 15.26
  • Akerboom Schottelboot 15.60
  • Akerboom TSDY 50
  • Akerboom Spitsgatkotter
  • Akerboom Spitsgat kotterketch 11.00
  • Akerboom Schottel 51
  • Akerboom Schottel 49
  • Akerboom Motorvlet 50
  • Akerboom 54
  • Akerboom 50 TSDY
  • Akerboom 48
  • Akerboom 22.00
  • Akerboom 20.00
  • Akerboom 12.00