Altena Yachting is a shipyard in Raamsdonksveer that was founded by Gerard Pols. The yard specializes in building luxury yachts and has built up an excellent reputation in the shipbuilding industry over the years.

The origin of Altena Yachting is due to Gerard Pols' passion for boats. In the early days of the yard, Altena Yachting mainly built steel motorboats and hulls. However, the focus soon shifted to building luxury motor yachts. Altena Yachting has now built a wide range of yachts in different sizes and styles.

One of the yard's most popular models is the Altena Blue Water Trawler. This is a tough and robust yacht that is suitable for long journeys at sea. The Blue Water Trawler is equipped with all modern technologies and has a spacious interior with luxurious amenities.

Another model is the Altena Inlandcruiser. This is a stylish and elegant yacht suitable for inland waterways. The Inlandcruiser has a modern look and offers a lot of space on board. The yacht is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system that keeps energy consumption low.

In addition to these models, Altena Yachting also builds custom-made yachts. The yard works closely with the customer to build a yacht that meets all their needs. High-quality materials and modern technologies are used for this.

Altena Yachting is known for the high quality of their yachts and the excellent service they offer to their customers. The yard has a team of experienced professionals who build each yacht with great care and attention. This takes into account the latest developments in the field of sustainability and environmental friendliness.

In short, Altena Yachting is a yard with a rich history and an excellent reputation in the shipbuilding sector. With their wide range of models and custom-made yachts, they offer something for everyone.

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Altena Yachting B.V.

Yacht and Ships for sale, sold or not for sale anymore
  • Altena
  • Altena 930 AK (lage kruiphoogte)
  • Altena 1080
  • Altena 10.80
  • Altena 1050 GSAK
  • Altena 1180
  • Altena 1200
  • Altena 1200 GSAK
  • Altena 1250 AK
  • Altena 12.60 GSAK
  • Altena 1350 GSAK
  • Altena 1375
  • Altena 14.78 GSAK
  • Altena 1478 GSAK
  • Altena 500 Raised Pilothouse
  • Altena 52 AK
  • Altena 52 Exclusief
  • Altena 52 SD
  • Altena 53 Custom Trawler
  • Altena Canal Cruiser
  • Altena Coasthopper 36
  • Altena Cruiser 19.50
  • Altena Inlandcruiser Electric 1950
  • Altena Look 2000
  • Altena SEAROCCO 1500
  • Altena Trawler 1525
  • Altena Sport 108
  • Altena Spitsgatkotter 12.50
  • Altena Motorsailer 11.50
  • Altena 13.50 GSAK
  • Altena Family 120
  • Altena Family 126
  • Altena Express 48 Sedan
  • Altena Express 49
  • Altena 80
  • Altena 90
  • Altena 100
  • Altena 110
  • Altena 110 GSAK
  • Altena 135
  • Altena 54 NG Next Generation
  • Altena Doggersbank Offshore by Altena
  • Altena 61 OC
  • Altena 52 SD
  • Altena Vryburg PB 61
  • Altena Altena 50 Raised Pilothouse
  • Altena Canal Cruiser 2400
  • Altena Blue Water Trawler 48
  • Altena Blue Water Trawler 50
  • Altena Blue Water Trawler 51
  • Altena Blue Water Trawler 53
  • Altena Blue Water Trawler 58