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Colvic Craft was established in 1964 by childhood friends Colin (Charles) Burns and Vic (James) Pascoe. Located on the Blackwater Estuary on the east coast of England, they became one of the earliest and most prolific builders of power and sailing yachts in Britain. After starting with the production of GRP dinghies in 1962, it didn't take long for them to expand into larger vessels, offering a total of 29 different boat models, ranging from the smaller Salty Pup 23 to the impressive Clipper 60.

The founders of Colvic Craft prioritized the construction of safe, sturdy, and highly seaworthy vessels. They took pride in building some of the strongest hulls ever created. However, during this era, many boats suffered from osmosis, a condition in which water permeates the layers of fiberglass, compromising the structural integrity of the hull. Interestingly, Colvic boats were among the least affected by this issue, possibly due to the use of over 6cm of composite in the planking.

Many of their boats featured pilot houses and central cockpits, making them excellent choices for liveaboards and full-time cruisers. Moreover, their use of encapsulated keels and skeg-hung rudders (a rarity among newer boats) made them highly sought after.

Unfortunately, Colvic Craft went into liquidation in 2000. Although their assets were sold to Lancer Laminating Ltd. with the intention of continuing production, Lancer Laminating Ltd. also closed her doors in 2004, effectively putting an end to the Colvic Craft brand.

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Colvic Craft

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  • Colvic Watson 23
  • Colvic Watson 25.6
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