De Ruiter

Jachtwerf De Ruiter, originally located in NL-Hardinxveld-Giessendam, is a well-known name in the Dutch yacht building industry. Founded in 1965, the yard quickly built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality and bespoke yachts. With craftsmanship and an eye for detail, De Ruiter created unique ships that were appreciated all over the world.

In 1979 the shipyard decided to move to NL-'s-Hertogenbosch, where they continued their activities. This move gave De Ruiter the opportunity to further expand their facilities and expertise. They worked on different types of yachts, including motor yachts and motor sailers, all of which were characterized by their excellent quality and luxurious finish.

An interesting aspect of De Ruiter's history is the branch in NL-Hoogeveen, which closed in 1980 due to health reasons of Mr. Gijs de Ruiter. This facility served as an additional location for the yard, enabling them to increase their production capacity.

In 1981 another important event in the history of the yard took place. Shipyard De Ruiter was taken over by Moonen Yachts. Moonen was a perfect match for De Ruiter because of their shared passion for craftsmanship and high-quality yacht building. The company has been further expanded under the name Moonen Yachts and they are still an important shipbuilder for the region and the Netherlands.

Although the yard as such no longer exists, the name shipyard De Ruiter remains synonymous with quality and craftsmanship in Dutch yacht building. De Ruiter's legacy lives on in the continued success of Moonen Yachts, which continues to strive for the highest standard of luxury yacht building.

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Jachtwerf De Ruiter

Yacht and Ships for sale, sold or not for sale anymore
  • De Ruiter
  • De Ruiter Northsea Star 12.50
  • De Ruiter Motorsailer 13.50
  • De Ruiter Southsea Star
  • De Ruiter Cutteryacht 14.00
  • De Ruiter Eastsea Star 12.50
  • De Ruiter Grand Star GSAK 13.25
  • De Ruiter River Star 11.75
  • De Ruiter Trawleryacht 11.50
  • De Ruiter Bakdekkruiser
  • De Ruiter 68 Spitsgat
  • De Ruiter 13.50 AK
  • De Ruiter 1350 AK
  • De Ruiter 14.50
  • De Ruiter 1450
  • De Ruiter 1800
  • De Ruiter 18.00
  • De Ruiter 12.00
  • De Ruiter 1200
  • De Ruiter 12.50
  • De Ruiter 1250
  • De Ruiter 1050
  • De Ruiter 10.50
  • De Ruiter 50 MS
  • De Ruiter Canoostern 49
  • De Ruiter Kotter 14.50
  • De Ruiter Morningstar 12.40
  • De Ruiter Little Star
  • De Ruiter Trawler 12.50
  • De Ruiter Trawler 1250
  • De Ruiter Trawler 11.40
  • De Ruiter Trawler 1140
  • De Ruiter Trawler 37 MS
  • De Ruiter Grand Star 13.25
  • De Ruiter Grand Star 1325
  • De Ruiter Grand Star14.00
  • De Ruiter Grand Star1400
  • De Ruiter Kotter 12.50
  • De Ruiter Kotter 1250
  • De Ruiter Kotter 13.50
  • De Ruiter Kotter 1350
  • De Ruiter Kruiser 11.60
  • De Ruiter Kruiser 1160
  • De Ruiter Kruiser11.70
  • De Ruiter Kruiser1170
  • De Ruiter Kruiser 33 GSAK