Dutch Barge IJsseltjalk

IJssel tjalken are the pavilion tjalken that were used in the area of the Hollandse IJssel. They largely have the same characteristics as the pavilion tjalks. They are rounder in shape. The tonnage varied from 40 to 120 tons.

The rigging is as usual: mainsail, jib, yankee. Because they often looked so 'slick', these ships were also referred to as IJsseljacht. An IJsseltjalk was mostly used for dredging and transporting sand. The sand was dredged from the river with the so-called bracket. The bail was a heavy tarpaulin sack held open with an iron bail. A long stick was attached to the bracket. The shackle was retrieved via a line that passed through a block in the mast. One man handled the long handle with a handle, a second operated the winch.

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