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In 1944, Joan Gallart founded the Gallart Shipyard in Spain, where he began his craft building small boats. Ten years later, his son Jaume joined the company and learned the trade from his father. Jaume later rose to the position of president of the company. Under his leadership, the Gallart Shipyard continued to prosper, thanks to the high-quality boats built in its early years.

In addition to sailing yachts, Gallart achieved considerable success in the motor yacht segment, with models ranging in lengths from 10 to 20 meters. Gallart pioneered the Mediterranean by being the first to produce fiberglass boats on a large scale. The flagship model, the Gallart 13.50 MP was particularly notable. Approximately 150 copies of this were produced. The 1980s brought further innovation with the groundbreaking the Motorsailer Gallart 13.50 MS model and the successful Gallart 10.50 MP model, of which more than 100 examples were manufactured.

Throughout the 2000s, Gallart continued to set the standard by producing superior quality boats using modern materials and the latest technological developments. Unfortunately, the Gallart Shipyard had to cease operations in 2012 due to financial problems and the economic crisis that hit Spain. Nevertheless, the boats produced by Gallart retain much of their value.

The owners of these boats praise the comfort and versatility of their Gallart. Within the boating industry, Gallart boats enjoy legendary status, with a solid reputation for performance, maneuverability and durable construction.

Doeve Brokers is the yacht broker for boats built by Gallart Shipyard. For further information about the sale of your Gallart or if you wish to purchase a Gallart, please contact us.

Gallart Yachts

  • Gallart
  • Gallart 10.50
  • Gallart 1350 MPZ
  • Gallart 9 Europa
  • Gallart 11 Europa
  • Gallart 15 Brava
  • Gallart 15M FB
  • Gallart 18.5 MY
  • Gallart 18.5 MY Sedan
  • Gallart 13.50
  • Gallart 15
  • Gallart 16 MY 2000
  • Gallart 10.50 MP
  • Gallart 1050 MP
  • Gallart Cutlass 24
  • Gallart Carlson 30
  • Gallart Gallart ¾ Ton
  • Gallart H-28
  • Gallart 13.50 MS
  • Gallart Biscayne 27
  • Gallart 30
  • Gallart 1350 Fly
  • Gallart 45
  • Gallart 13.50 MKII
  • Gallart 8 MP


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