Hampton Yachts is a leading shipyard known for their impressive range of Hampton boats. With a rich history and established craftsmanship, Hampton Yachts has been offering industry-leading yachts to discerning clients around the world for decades.

Hampton boats are designed with the adventurous boater in mind. They are known for their robust construction, excellent seaworthiness and luxurious comfort. Whether it's a relaxing cruise along the coastline or a challenging crossing on the open sea, the Hampton boats can tackle any maritime challenge with style and efficiency.

The history of Hampton Yachts began in 1965 when founder C.Y. Chen had the vision to achieve the highest standards of nautical design and craftsmanship. Since then, the brand has built an unwavering reputation for delivering premium yachts that combine innovation with timeless elegance. With Hampton boats, Hampton Yachts continues to be a leader in the yachting industry, building on their legacy of excellence and continuing to fulfill the dreams of passionate boaters around the world.

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Hampton Yachts

  • Hampton
  • Hampton 590
  • Hampton 650
  • Hampton 700
  • Hampton 700 (Skylounge)
  • Hampton Euro 830