IJsselmeer Cutter

An IJsselmeer Cutter is a type of vessel that was originally used in professional fishing on the IJsselmeer and the adjacent waters. The ship is named after the IJsselmeer, a large freshwater lake in the Netherlands. It is a robust and powerful vessel specially designed for catching fish in the often rough conditions of the lake.

An IJsselmeer Cutter has a characteristic shape with a round bow and a steep prow. The ship is usually between 13 and 20 meters long and has a draft suitable for the shallow waters of the IJsselmeer. It has a spacious deck and a spacious cockpit in which the fish can be processed and stored.

Over the years, many IJsselmeer Cutters have been taken out of commercial service due to changes in the fishing industry and the decline in fish stocks. However, some of these ships have been converted into recreational crafts. They are adapted and equipped with comfortable facilities, such as sleeping quarters, kitchen and sanitary facilities, to be used as pleasure craft on inland waterways.

The converted IJsselmeer Cutters now offer recreational users the opportunity to explore the IJsselmeer and other waters and enjoy boating and other water sports activities. These ships often still maintain their traditional appearance and pay homage to the region's maritime history. They combine the nostalgic character of commercial shipping with the pleasure of recreational use.

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