Shipyard Kompier from NL-Woerden was known as a renowned company in the water sports industry for many years. With a rich history of craftsmanship and excellence, the yard has delivered high-quality yachts and boats to satisfied customers around the world. The yard had built a solid reputation based on quality, innovation and customer service.

Unfortunately, Shipyard Kompier has ended its business operations, but many beautiful motor yachts and sailing ships, mostly as hulls, have been built by these professionals.

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Jachtwerf P. Kompier B.V.

Yacht and Ships for sale, sold or not for sale anymore
  • Kompier
  • Kompier Kotter
  • Kompier Kotter 1200
  • Kompier Kotter 1300
  • Kompier Kruiser 1000
  • Kompier Kruiser 1350
  • Kompier Vlet 1350
  • Kompier Vlet 1400
  • Kompier Motorjacht 13.50
  • Kompier Zeilkotter 49 GSAK
  • Kompier Bakdek 11.50 GSAK
  • Kompier Cutter 49 AC
  • Kompier 1270