Laurent Giles

Laurent Giles Naval Architects Ltd is a renowned company specializing in the design of motor and sailing yachts. The company has a rich history and was founded in the UK in the early 20th century. It was founded by British designer Jack Laurent Giles, whose passion for boat building and sailing led to the creation of his own company.

Laurent Giles Naval Architects has built an impressive portfolio of designs, distinguished by their aesthetics, functionality and outstanding performance on the water. Some notable motor yachts designed by them are the "Voyager", the "Explorer" and the "Atlantic". These yachts combine luxury and comfort with seaworthiness and are often appreciated for their elegant lines and high-quality construction.

In the field of sailing yachts, Laurent Giles Naval Architects has also realized impressive designs, including the "Vertue", the "Wanderer" and the "Lysander". These sailing yachts are known for their excellent sailing characteristics and are appreciated by sailing enthusiasts all over the world.

With a heritage of innovation and craftsmanship, Laurent Giles Naval Architects continues to create leading edge designs that push the boundaries of the yachting industry and embody the passion for sailing and cruising.

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Laurent Giles Naval Architects Ltd

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