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The Lürssen yard, located in Bremen-Vegesack, Germany, is a leading shipbuilder with a rich history of producing high-quality ships. For more than 140 years, Lürssen has been known for her craftsmanship, innovation and unparalleled expertise.

Lürssen specializes in the construction of luxury yachts, naval vessels and commercial vessels. They are best known for their superyachts, which are among the largest and most exclusive in the world. These yachts offer a combination of luxury, comfort and technical perfection, and are tailor-made to meet the specific wishes of the customer. Using advanced technologies and high-quality materials, they strive to push the boundaries of shipbuilding and create unique, bespoke yachts.

The history of Lürssen goes back to 1870, when Mr. Friedrich Lürssen founded the shipyard. Over the years, the company grew steadily and acquired an excellent reputation in the shipbuilding industry. During the First and Second World Wars, Lürssen played an important role in the production of naval ships for the German Navy.

After the war, Lürssen started to focus on the construction of luxury yachts and expanded its activities to the international market. They have teamed up with renowned designers and naval architects to create some of the world's most outstanding superyachts. Particularly in recent decades, Lürssen has achieved a prominent position in the global superyacht industry.

Lürssen's success is due to their commitment to quality and innovation. They continuously invest in research and development to discover new technologies and designs that improve the performance and efficiency of their ships. By working closely with their customers and involving them in the construction process, Lürssen ensures that every ship meets the highest expectations.

Today, Lürssen remains a prominent player in the shipbuilding industry, with an excellent reputation for craftsmanship, quality and reliability. Their ships are recognized worldwide for their elegance, technical perfection and luxurious amenities. As a true pioneer in superyacht building, Lürssen is constantly committed to setting new standards and exceeding customer expectations.

DOEVE Brokers and Valuers is your dedicated yacht broker and ship broker for yachts and ships built by Lürssen. For more information about selling your Lürssen or if you want to buy a Lürssen, please contact us.


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