A Lugger is a historical type of ship that was originally used for catching and transporting herring. Luggers were popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly in the Netherlands, England and Scotland.

Luggers were robust sailing ships with a long and narrow design, characterized by a raised aft deck and a large sail area. They were specially built to transport large quantities of herring. The catch was usually stored in barrels with salt to preserve it for further processing. The Luggers exported to the fishing grounds in the North Sea and brought the herring back to the ports, where it was processed into products such as smoked herring, salt herring or pickled herring.

As technology progressed and new fishing techniques were introduced, the Lugger lost its dominance in the herring fishery. Modern fishing vessels with motor and network equipment became more efficient and practical for large-scale catches. As a result, many Luggers were taken out of service and fell into disrepair.

Over the years, however, many Luggers have been scrapped or converted to other uses. Some have now become popular charter vessels, where people can enjoy sailing trips and experience maritime history. These ships are often restored and maintained to maintain their original charm.

In addition, there are Luggers that have been converted into Sailing Houseboats. Some people have adapted these ships to live on them permanently, while others use them as holiday homes. The Luggers offer spacious interiors and can be outfitted with modern amenities, making them appealing to those seeking a unique living or vacation experience.

While the Lugger's original function in herring fishing has largely disappeared, these vessels have found a new life as charismatic charter vessels and sailing houseboats. They remain an important part of maritime history and a reminder of the fishing industry's past.

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