Sessa Marine is an Italian shipyard founded in 1958. Since then, the company has developed into a leading player in luxury yachts and motorboats. Sessa Marine is known for its stylish and elegant designs and the use of high-quality materials.

Some of Sessa Marine's most iconic models include the Key Largo, the C35, and the Oyster. These models have all contributed to Sessa Marine's reputation as a top brand in yacht building.

In addition to these successful models, Sessa Marine has also launched some new models that raise the bar even higher. For example, there is the F68, a 20-metre long motor yacht with a sporty look and a luxurious finish. This model is perfect for long trips at sea and offers all the comfort that one can expect from a Sessa Marine yacht.

Sessa Marine continues to develop and innovate, while at the same time sticking to their core values of craftsmanship, quality and style. It is therefore no surprise that Sessa Marine is one of the most loved brands by yacht and powerboat enthusiasts around the world. If you are looking for a top quality yacht, a Sessa Marine is definitely worth considering.

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Sessa Marine

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  • Sessa Cruiser Line
  • Sessa C3X - OB
  • Sessa C3X - OB
  • Sessa C3X - IB
  • Sessa C3X-IB
  • Sessa CRUISER LINE C38
  • Sessa C38
  • Sessa Flybridge Line
  • Sessa FLY68 GULLWING
  • Sessa FLY54
  • Sessa FLY47
  • Sessa FLY42
  • Sessa Yacht Line
  • Sessa C68
  • Sessa C54
  • Sessa C48
  • Sessa C47
  • Sessa C44
  • Sessa C52
  • Sessa C30
  • Sessa C35
  • Sessa Key Largo 26
  • Sessa Key Largo 28
  • Sessa Ocean 550
  • Sessa Oyster 35
  • Sessa Oyster 40
  • Sessa Islamorada 21
  • Sessa Mambo
  • Sessa Samba
  • Sessa Sunshine
  • Sessa Key West