Stentor Yachts was a renowned Dutch yacht builder based in NL-Sneek, Friesland, who had the ships built in Romania, Oltenita. However, the first three ships were designed and built in the Netherlands, in Sneek, Lemmer and Woudsend, in the early 1990s. The ships are recognizable by their type of cutter, with a spacious and sturdy appearance, but also by their high price, partly due to the high labor wages in the country. The 3 ships differ on minor points in their appearance, such as the flybridge and the tent.

To reduce the construction costs of the Stentor yachts, Karel Boersma, a Frisian entrepreneur in the maritime sector, decided to consider building in a country with low wages. This became Romania, where he acquired Navol, a shipyard on the Danube, for a symbolic sum. This yard already had a large number of employees with experience in the ship industry, including executives Stephan and Rodica Negotia.

However, the success of Stentor Yachts did not last forever. In 2009, the company went bankrupt due to the global economic crisis.

The yard was named Stentor Naval and thus also determined the name of the ships that would be built there. The Dutch company Stentor Industries b.v. still bears the name Stentor and since 2004 has focused on maritime steel constructions, such as screw tunnels, bow and stern thrusters and other propulsion parts.

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Stentor Yachts

  • Stentor
  • Stentor 1500
  • Stentor 15.00
  • Stentor 1600
  • Stentor 16.00
  • Stentor 1700
  • Stentor 17.00
  • Stentor 1800
  • Stentor 18.00
  • Stentor 18 Explorer
  • Stentor 50 OC
  • Stentor Survey 15 OC
  • Stentor Survey 1650
  • Stentor Survey 16.50
  • Stentor Luxe Motor 1500
  • Stentor Luxe Motor 15.00
  • Stentor Luxe Motor 1800
  • Stentor Luxe Motor 18.00
  • Stentor Luxe Motor 2150
  • Stentor Luxe Motor 21.50