Trintella is a brand that has established itself in the yachting world as a brand of high quality and luxury. It is a brand best known for its sailing yachts, so it is no surprise that many of these yachts can be found at the Anne Wever shipyard in 's-Hertogenbosch.

The yard is known as one of the best yacht builders in the Netherlands and has built several Trintella yachts in the past. There are different types of yachts from this brand, including the Trintella 29, the Trintella 42 and the Trintella 47. Each type has its own characteristics and style, but they all have one thing in common: they are built to perform and to last. to go.

The Trintel I is a smaller version of the other yachts and is ideal for the novice sailor. It is a fast and manoeuvrable boat that is also suitable for short trips. The Trintella 42 and 47 are larger yachts that are suitable for longer trips and offer more luxury. Both yachts have a spacious cockpit and plenty of storage space, making them perfect for families or groups of friends wanting to holiday together.

Unfortunately, the shipyard Anne Wever / Trintella Shipyard has stopped producing new Trintella yachts. This is disappointing news for many enthusiasts of the brand, but it does not mean that the yachts are disappearing completely. There are still many used Trintella yachts on the market.

While it is a pity that new Trintella yachts are no longer being produced at the Anne Wever / Trintella Shipyard yard, the brand remains an important part of Dutch yachting history and these yachts will be seen on the waters of the Netherlands and beyond for a long time to come .

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