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Dutch Barge Praam

  • open vessel with round stem and stern
  • no decks
  • no shutters
  • loading space limited by front and rear bulkhead
  • prow of two angle irons against each other
  • stern plate
  • plate rudder reinforced with flat hemisphere
  • round bilges (radius = cavity)

A Praam is a flat-bottomed vessel for inland waterways, intended for the transport of agricultural products, livestock, etc.

Praams are often long and narrow and have little sheer, which means they don't have much draft. They are often characterized by a flat or slightly curved deck, sharp bows, straight stems and no weighting. However, this only applies to the Overijssel types. The Frisian and Groningen types belong to the Tjalken, which have a different shape and construction. Pramen are often used for the transport of goods on the inland waterways of the Netherlands.

The barge belongs to one of the oldest ship types known. They are already described in texts from Roman times, and may be even older. The praam is a traditional Dutch vessel, which is mainly used for the transport of goods on the inland waterways of the Netherlands, such as peat, wood and grain. 

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