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Born in Haarlem in 1921, Theodoor Gillissen had a passion for building boats from an early age. Together with his father he built several small ships, and later he designed ships for friends and participated in design competitions. He worked in the drawing room of shipyard "Merwede" and drew parts of seagoing vessels, after which he opened his own yacht architecture company in Vleuten in 1961.

It is estimated that about 800 ships of his designs were built, including the famous GillissenVlet which was built by many shipyards, including Valk from Franeker and Dolman from Muiden. Much less known are the elegant sailing yachts designed before 1960.

Theo Gillissen was of great importance to water sports and was at the basis of the rapid growth of water sports recreation in the 1970s. His ships are recognized and appreciated to this day. He passed away in Leiden in 2002.

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