Motor Clipper

A clipper was a fast sailing ship with a sharp bow and one or more masts, mainly used in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Clippers were famous for their high speeds, which made them widely used for the trade of perishable foods and other goods. These ships achieved their impressive speed due to their slim and relatively small design, combined with a very large sail area.

Most seagoing clippers were built in shipyards in the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition, the Netherlands, France and a few other countries also built a number of clippers that were for the sea.

The Netherlands distinguished itself by building a large number of flat-bottomed ships for inland navigation between 1890 and 1925. These ships were also called clippers, although they only resembled their seaworthy predecessors in appearance. They were built exclusively of iron and steel, as opposed to wood. There were two main types: the Zeeland or South Holland clipper and the Frisian clipper. These ships were very suitable for navigating the then very dangerous Zuiderzee, the Waddenzee and the South Holland and Zeeland streams. The clippers that are still active in the Dutch inland and coastal waters are part of the so-called 'brown fleet'.

A Motor Clipper is a Dutch Barge from which the mast or masts have been removed, possibly still fitted with a hatch cover and deckhouse or from which this has been completely replaced by a superstructure and wheelhouse. These ships are often very pleasant as a Sailing Live Aboard and are also often very suitable for making longer journeys on European inland waterways.

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