Vollenhovense Bol

The Vollenhovense Bol, originally created around 1900 in Vollenhove, located in the head of NL-Overijssel, is a traditional sailing ship known as a flat bottom.

In the early years of its history, the first Vollenhovense Bol was designed and built by shipbuilder Kroese as a fishing boat on what was then the Zuidersea. This boat, about 6.30 meters long at the time, was intended to be more resistant to overflowing water and to provide more shelter for the fishermen compared to the open boat types that were used at the time. Soon the Vollenhoven bulbs also found their way to other purposes on the Zuidersea. Nowadays they are especially popular as a yacht type, usually in a slightly longer version of 8 to 9 meters and made of steel instead of wood.

Characteristic of the Vollenhovense Bol are the crooked stern, the round, convex head and the cigar or lancet-shaped surface, which is wide at the front and narrows towards the back, comparable to the punter and the shocker. Nowadays the Vollenhovense Bol is often equipped with a cutter rig. The mainsail has a curved gaff and is supported by the jib on the forestay and the jib on the jib boom. The Vollenhovense Bol has been a successful design from the start and is now also appreciated as a yacht with a cabin, because of her attractive appearance. The designs of the cabin cruiser by J.K. Gipon have been further improved by the Rijnsoever shipyard in Deil, making the Vollenhovense Bol a fast sailor with a relatively spacious interior.

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